PSA Oxygen Generator

Oxygen Generator 

Quick Details

Min. Order: 1 Set/Sets 

Port: Hangzhou/Shanghai/Ningbo  

Condition: New 

Place of Origin: Wuxi, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: Shenlong

Model Number: SL-PO

Usage: Oxygen  

Production Rate: 60Nm3/hr  

Voltage: 220V/380V 

Power(W): 500w  

Weight: 2850KGS  

Dimension(L*W*H): 5150mm/1550mm/1750mm 

Certification: CE/ISO 9001 Approval  

Warranty: 12 months after delivery  

After-sales Service Provided: Engineers available to service machinery overseas

Oxygen Generator Color: Blue 

Oxygen Generator Spart parts: Imported 

Oxygen Generator PLC: Analyzer or Touch Screen 

Oxygen Generator Installation: Easy and Smart  

Oxygen Generator Maintenance: Low Cost    

Oxygen Generator Energy Consumption: Energy Saving   

Oxygen Generator Operation: Automatic  

High purity: sufficient 93% above 

Principle of PSA oxygen generator

PSA oxygen generator takes 5A zeolite molecular sieve as  adsorbent.The crystal of 5A zoelite molecular sieve is in a cage structure,with well-developed bug holes.There are powerful positive ions and oxygen anions in the bug holes,which make up a molecular sieve with strong polatity, but oxygen and nitrogen are non-polar molecules.When oxygen and nitrogen pass through  5A polar molecular sieve,oxygen and nitrogen produce inductive dipole under the effect of polar molecules;an induction force is production force produced by nitrogen which is easy to be  polarized is far more than that of oxygen.Then nitrogen is  adsorbed preferentially by 5A zeolite molecular sieve and  enriched in thesolid phase of the  molecules sieve,while oxygen is enriched in the ono-solid phase.This is resultant oxygen. 

Meanwhile 5A molecular sieve is so featured that the volume of nitrogen adsorbed increases when compressed and decreases when  decompressed. .Therefore,nitrogen can be adsorbed by compressing 5A zoelite molecular sieve and desorbed form the sieve by decompressing it. In this way, oxygen can be produced.


Principle of PSA

When any adsorbent adsorbs the same gas when absorption remains stable,the  higher

pressure,the larger adsorbing capacity; otherwise , the lower pressure , the  smaller 

adsorbing capacity. See the following figure.

As above mentioned , 5A molecular sieve adsorbs a lot of nitrogen , carbon dioxide and 

moisture when theair pressure rises. When the pressure fall to normal , such adsorption

is very small.


Features of Shenlong PSA Oxygen Generator

The equipment employs excellent adsorbent so that it is more energy-saving.
Unique program-control valve, compact in structure, small in floor area, pleasing to eye, free of failure after 1million swithovers.
The device is simple in procedure,compact in structure,small in floor area and minimal in space requirement. Unique patented compacting structure,equipped with automatic compensation when

the molecular sieve becomes loose,which extends the life of sieve up to 10 years.
The device enjoys excellent working stability and reliability . It boasts excellent safety when working under normal temperature and pressure.The service life of molecular sieve if used and maintained normally may reach 10 years.

The adsorber is unique in construction.Distribution of air flow is very uniform,so that full use can be made of the molecular sieve. 

Composition of PSA oxygen generator

Air compressor

Air pretreatment module(AC)

Air tank

Oxygen-bitrogen separating adsorber

Resultant oxygen buffer tank

Automatic control&detection system


Process of PSA Oxygen Generator for Industrial



System components

Designed by SHEN LONG. The medical molecular sieve oxygen equipment consists of the following components:

--Air compressor;

--Compressed air purification components;

--Air buffer tank;

--SHEN LONG PSA medical oxygen;

--Oxygen tank;

--Oxygen purification devices;

--Oxygen analysis, measurement devices;

--Unit operation control system;


Purpose of PSA oxygen generator

Electric steelmaking: Decarburization, heating with combustion supported by oxygen, foam molten slag. Metallurgical control and subsequent heating.

Effluent treatment: Oxygen entriched aera of activated sludge, poot oxygenation and ozone sterilization.

Glass fusion:combustion and fusion supported by oxygen, incision, to increase glass output and extend furnace life.

Pulp bleaching and paper making: Convert chloring bleaching into oxygen enriched bleaching, provide oxygen at low cost, dispose of sewage.

Non-ferrous metal smelting: Oxygen enriched is needed when smelting copper, zinc, nickel and lead, etc.; copious cooling is being replaced by PSA.

Outdoors incision: Oxygen enrichment is needed to incise steel pipe and plate outdoors, which is covered by mobile or small-size oxygen generator.

Oxygen for petrochemical and chemical engineering: Air is replaced by oxygen enrichment for oxidation reaction in petroleum and chemical engineering to speed up reaction and increase product output.

Ore treatment: Used for production for production of gold, etc. to improve extraction of precious metal.

Aquaculture: The volume of dissolved oxygen in water can be increased by aeration with oxygen enrichment to increase fish output; supply oxygen for live fish; intensive fish farming.

Fermentation: Air is replaced by oxygen enrichment to supply oxygen for aerobic fermentation to improve efficiency largely.

Drinking water: Provide oxygen for ozone generator for the purpose of ozone sterilization.


Selection of SLPO oxygen equipment

Indicates of resultant oxygen:

Flow of oxygen: 1~200Nm3/h(20 101.325kPa)

Purity of oxygen:93±3%

Outlet pressure:0.05~0.6MPa

Dew point of atmosphere:≤-40

Note:The outlet pressure shall≤pressure of compressed air supply -0.15MPa



Packaging Details: Wooden boxes in accordance with export requirements.

Delivery Detail: Shipped in 45 days after payment


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