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Wuxi Shenlong Gas Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in manufacturing gas equipment. This company is located at Qitong Road, Yuqi Town, Huishan District, Wuxi, China, adjacent to Yuqi Exit of Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway.

Equipped with experienced technicians, we are in the position to provide nitrogen generator, QH nitrogen purifier, QC purifier, food-purposed nitrogen generator, industrial oxygenerator and medical oxygenerator, etc. High-efficiency integrated PSA nitrogen generator with carbon molecular sieve (SL-PN), nitrogen purifier (SL-QH & SL-QC), ammonia decomposer and hydrogen purifier are all produced by use of the state-of-the-art technology, enjoying compact construction, high automation, stable performance, low noise, energy efficiency and no pollution, etc. The products are widely used in various industries.

1.SL-PN (95%-99.95%) is used for the industries of coal mining, petrifaction, chemical engineering, heat treatment, food, glass and pharmacy, etc. where product gas supply is less demanding.

2.SL-PN&QH (99.99%-99.9999%) are used for the industries of petrifaction, chemical engineering, glass, heat treatment, hot galvanizing, electronic product and high molecular material, etc. where product gas supply and dew point, etc. are very demanding, but hydrogen content is less demanding.

3.SL-PN&QC (99.99%-99.9999%) are particularly used for the industries of chemical engineering, chemical fiber, heat treatment and electronic product, etc. where both oxygen content and hydrogen content a re demanding.

4.Ammonia decomposer and hydrogen generatore are used for heat treatment and pharmacy, etc.

5.Various kinds of gas purifier and water treater, etc.

By following the tenet "Innovation by Technology, Striving for Excellence and Operation with Honesty", we'd like to provide products to customers' satisfaction. Our customers are well guaranteed for the reason that we boast excellent employees, advanced facilities, a strict quality assurance system and a well-developed sales network. We warmly welcome clients and customers to cooperate with us.

We are grateful to your care, help and support. In the past years, we have developed a great number of new mechanical products and received favorable comment from our customers and counterparts due to our excellent quality and service. In the future, we are open to all opportunities and challenges. On the other hand, we'll continue to perfect our products based on innovation, quality and efficiency. We are looking forward to your cooperation. Thank you very much!



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