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Nitrogen Generator Application:

食品.jpgThe food packaging in the food industry is filled with nitrogen to keep food fresh and prevent the food from deteriorating too quickly. 
食物膨化.jpgThe agitation of drinks and the expansion of food.
化工行业的原料封存.jpgNitrogen demand for raw materials and semi-finished products in chemical industry.
实验室的仪表吹扫、置换.jpgThe instruments of the laboratory are swept and replaced.
医药行业的针剂、输液、口服液的氮气保护.jpgNitrogen protection of medicine industry's injection, infusion and oral liquid.
电子产品的封装.jpgIn the process of packaging, sintering, annealing and reduction of electronic products, nitrogen is used to prevent oxidation.
金属加工行业用作退火保护气.jpgMetallurgical and metal processing industries are used as annealing protection gas, sintering protection gas, nitrogen treatment and scavenging gas.

Oxygen Generator Application :

电炉炼钢.jpgElectric furnace steelmaking: decarburization, oxygen combustion heating, foam slag, metallurgical control and post - order heating.
废水处理.jpgWaste water treatment: oxygen-rich aeration of activated sludge, pond oxygen enrichment and ozone sterilization.
玻璃熔融.jpgGlass melt: oxygen combustion helps melt, cut, increase glass output, extend furnace life.
纸浆漂白和造纸.jpgPulp bleaching and papermaking: chlorine bleaching is converted into oxygen-rich bleaching, providing cheap oxygen and sewage treatment.
有色金属冶炼.jpgSmelting of nonferrous metals: smelting steel, zinc, nickel, lead, etc.
野外切割施工.jpgField cutting construction: field steel pipe, steel plate cutting, mobile or small oxygen generator can meet the requirements.
石油化工.jpgOxygen in petrochemical industry: oxygen reaction in the production process of petroleum and chemical industry USES oxygen-rich instead of air for oxidation, which can improve reaction speed and yield of chemical products.
矿石处理.jpgOre processing: for the production of gold and other production processes, the extraction rate of precious metals can be improved.
水产养殖.jpgAquaculture: oxygen-rich aeration can improve the dissolved oxygen in water and greatly improve the yield of fish, which can provide oxygen for live fish and intensive fish farming.
发酵.jpgFermentation: oxygen-enriched substituting air for oxygen consumption can greatly improve efficiency.

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